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GD frontWhy leaders should rebuild their own reputation? How it helps business and affects financial performance? What mistakes in communication are often made by tops?
Answers to these and other questions in the author's article of the prcom agency director, Elena Yakovenko. Look for fresh issue of the best magazine for top officials.
"General Director ", August-September 2013

New store opening by the group of companies "Textile-Contact"

Grand opening6August 15, "Textile-Contact" opened new warehouse store of tissues named "KASHTAN" in Simferopol.
Prcom agency had provided an advertising, BTL and pr-support of the event.

The new store accesses to more than 10,000 types of products, including decorative fabrics, wall hangings, fabric for clothing, European fabrics, artificial fur, fabric for special technical purposes, as well as department of accessories!


Prcom agency has determined what annoys journalists

Mass media

Journalists mostly feel annoying when respondents say banal things not meet the direct questions; do not comment on sensitive issues; disrespectful to the other party. All these seemingly obvious things clearly illustrate the study commissioned by the prcom agency.

In a survey conducted among Ukrainian journalists working in different media it became apparent that "wordsmiths" are much calmer to the speaker that candidly admits that he does not know the answer to a question or visibly nervous during the interview.


Some of the secrets of successful interview are revealed


July 3, 2013. Pr director of prcom agency Elena Iakovenko, columnist of the «Business»  newspaper Elena Kuryacha and chief editor of the TRC «Era» Aina Badalova conducted an author master-class – «10 Secrets of Successful Interview» for PR-Committee «EBA» (The European Business Association, Ukraine).

As noted by the organizers themselves, this meeting has become the most interactive and effective in 2013.


We in the media

Vlast Deneg

We strive to ensure that we prevail healthy, creative atmosphere in our agency.
Mentoring, mutual assistance and proactivity are parts of our corporate culture.

In the latest issue of «Vlast Deneg», pr director of prcom agency Elena Iakovenko, shared the secrets of how to neutralize the unconstructive behavior of subordinates and form a truly united and happy team.

Власть Денег №23(388), 07 июня - 13 июня 2013 г.