pr 2Strategies

  • Development of the main goals and tasks of the communication campaign strategy
  • Analysis and research of the market current state, positioning of the company
  • Determination of the target audiences (basic stakeholders)
  • Creation of the key massages
  • Formation and implementation of the long-term and short-term campaigns
  • Timing, budgeting
  • Account, determination of the fulfilled campaigns efficiency

Audit, research, analytics

  • Daily / monthly monitoring of the informational space with the set keywords
  • Medias-audit
  • Reputation analysis
  • Monitoring of the competitors activity
  • Estimation of the communication efficiency

Media Relations

  • Work in the press-office mode (7 days a week/24 hour a days)
  • Formation of the loyal mass-media pool of journalists
  • Preparation of all types informational materials for MASS-MEDIA (press-releases, press-kits, backgrounders, fact-lists, top manager's biographies, analytical articles, statements for the press)
  • Initiation of interviews, comments, participation in reviews
  • News making


  • Organization and realization of the press-conferences, press-briefings, press-lunches, roundtables
  • Determination of the event's goals and tasks
  • Development of scenario, plan, budget
  • Preparation of all informational and production-materials
  • Work with mass-media during the event
  • Accounts and analysis of the efficiency
  • Presentations
  • Ceremonies of the shop's, restaurant's and salon's opening, evening-parties, corporate events and teambuilding
  • Road-show
  • Conferences, forums, summits
  • Exhibitions, festivals
  • Sponsor events
  • Seminars, master-classes, trainings

Internet PR

  • Preparation of the advancement strategy in the Internet
  • Development of the corporate site content, informational materials for the network (web 2:0 press-releases)
  • Estimation of the fulfilled campaigns efficiency

Internal communications

  • Organization of the internal trainings for the stuff
  • Preparation of the corporate editions, brochures, booklets, annual reports and other materials