New store opening by the group of companies "Textile-Contact"

Grand opening6August 15, "Textile-Contact" opened new warehouse store of tissues named "KASHTAN" in Simferopol.
Prcom agency had provided an advertising, BTL and pr-support of the event.

The new store accesses to more than 10,000 types of products, including decorative fabrics, wall hangings, fabric for clothing, European fabrics, artificial fur, fabric for special technical purposes, as well as department of accessories!

Buyers were able to learn about it through advertising campaigns on brand mobiles and shuttles, as well as through the integrated BTL - shares held by prcom agency. Promoters with flags were standing on the busiest intersections of the city.  Promo persons with leaflets were telling potential customers about the main advantages of the new store and the location.

In addition, the leading business and socio-political publications of the Crimean region had been distributed the press-pack with further information about the company's plans for expansion of its presence.

The agency's team sincerely wishes prosperity to new store and further growth to the group of companies "Textile-Contact"!

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