How to create a good story?



How to tell a good story? About this and other secrets of the storytelling students have found out in December during the master-class "Storytelling - the most effective way to express yourself in the press".

Lena Kuryacha – columnist of the "Business" magazine and managing partner of the prcom agency - Elena Iakovenko taught students how to create business story during the EBA Educational workshops (Educational Centre of the European Business Association). The master-class participants learned : Why is it important to communicate in the format of storytelling? How to tell stories? When, where and how you can use storytelling? Mistakes and the analysis? And students participated in this story battle where they were able to apply their knowledge on storytelling.


Participation of Immochan Ukraine in the exhibition

Stand Immochan11

Prcom agency provided support in participation of Immochan Ukraine at the «City Evolution» exhibition - congress. 

An international exhibition - congress of territories development «City Evolution» took place at the Palace of Sports on October 14-15. «A new look at real estate development». Immoсhan Ukraine сcompany presented its` stand where it was possible to get detailed information about activities and projects of the company in Ukraine.


Training seminar «Public Events Involving Media» at EBA

Seminar EBA

September 23, 2013. Pr director of prcom agency Elena Iakovenko, columnist for the newspaper «Business» Elena Kuryacha and chief editor of the TRS «Era» Ayna Badalova held an author's training named «Public Events Involving Media». Training seminar was designed and conducted specifically for Education Centre of the European Business Association.

Master-class was composed of two parts: theoretical and interactive-practical. In the first part trainers gave answers to the questions: How to find newsworthy? How to prepare for a public event with press? How to answer the tough questions? How to overcome the fear of air shows? In the second - coaches organized and held a press conference where participants were able to feel as journalists and write news. They also lettered a stand-up for the camera. 


Prcom agency held a press-lunch with Dasha Malakhova


September 18.  Prcom agency organized a press-lunch for journalists in a culinary school of Dasha Malakhova called "Kartata Potata." Meeting was devoted to the large-scale project of the Center of trade "Darynok" - Gastronomic Festival "Svyato gurmanіv"!

In a cozy studio of Dasha Malakhova were gathered about 30 representatives of the best specialized, socio-political and business magazines of the country: Edinstvennaya, Saveurs, Domashny Ochag, Restoratorator and other.


We continue to study


September 20, 2013. Prcom agency had domestic training on "Effective organization of working time". This training is the second in a series of internal measures, called service-oriented client (SOC). The main objective of this initiative - systematization of the staff knowledge, skills study and improvement of the overall level of services and customer focus.

Psychologist, business coach and consultant Aleksey Mashchenko talked about the main principles of time management, proper alignment of business priorities, resource management system and time. Aleksey also developed individual rules of personal effectiveness for each participant.