How to create a good story?



How to tell a good story? About this and other secrets of the storytelling students have found out in December during the master-class "Storytelling - the most effective way to express yourself in the press".

Lena Kuryacha – columnist of the "Business" magazine and managing partner of the prcom agency - Elena Iakovenko taught students how to create business story during the EBA Educational workshops (Educational Centre of the European Business Association). The master-class participants learned : Why is it important to communicate in the format of storytelling? How to tell stories? When, where and how you can use storytelling? Mistakes and the analysis? And students participated in this story battle where they were able to apply their knowledge on storytelling.

"Storytelling - the most recently discussed topic for Ukrainian and foreign pr-professionals. This is not surprising. Indeed, in the digital age, consumers are tired of dry press-releases and boring news, they want full-fledged dialogue and vivid, fascinating stories of companies and brands" - says Elena Iakovenko. Lena Kuryacha adds that it is very important in business to begin with the right story.