Prcom agency held a press-lunch with Dasha Malakhova


September 18.  Prcom agency organized a press-lunch for journalists in a culinary school of Dasha Malakhova called "Kartata Potata." Meeting was devoted to the large-scale project of the Center of trade "Darynok" - Gastronomic Festival "Svyato gurmanіv"!

In a cozy studio of Dasha Malakhova were gathered about 30 representatives of the best specialized, socio-political and business magazines of the country: Edinstvennaya, Saveurs, Domashny Ochag, Restoratorator and other.

The event consisted of two main parts: an informational and recreational. In the first part, Natalia Dimitrenko, marketing director of CT "Darynok" talked about Gastronomic Festival and the unique activity for kids and adults: preparation of the biggest dessert - the 60-kilo cheese cakes and traditional Lviv entertainment - "Winepress."

In the second part of the press-lunch it was a master-class from Dasha Malakhova, where journalists were able to learn the recipe and enjoy an Italian cream pumpkin soup with pepper and taste the prosciutto, cheese, bruschetta and lots of other tasty treats.

The meeting was held in a friendly and warm atmosphere and was full of interesting information for journalists.