«Tasty December» in the Shopping center Auchan Petrovka

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December seemed really hot for Prcom agency.  While you, dear clients and partners were in search of gifts and preparing for the holidays, our team has organized a series of different New Year events for the clients. We would like to tell you about one of them.

Prcom organized a great gastronomic event «Traveling across the world» that had lasted four Saturdays for all visitors of the Shopping center Auchan Petrovka. Each weekend was dedicated to a certain country and its culinary traditions. The Chef of the event was Dariya Doroshkevich - a certified nutrition specialist, representative of Jamie Oliver in Ukraine. The event was attended by about 385 visitors.

First Saturday was dedicated to Norway. On this day Darya and visitors cooked a salad with herring and homemade mayonnaise, crispy salmon with rosemary and Norwegian apple dessert. In addition to cooking visitors were entertained by Mascot Dolls - gigantic polar bears.

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On 12th of December was dedicated to Chinese cuisine. The Chef surprised everyone present unusual combinations of flavors, cooked egg noodles with carrots, mushrooms and sesame seeds, chili and broccoli soup with noodles and Chinese cabbage. Event also included the carnival parade of «dragon».

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On Saint Nicholas Day the Shopping Center Auchan Petrovka imbued with the American culture. The visitors were able to try the American burgers with beetroot, chicken nuggets, berry shake and salad, also to meet with real cowboys on stilts and take a photo with a living Statue of Liberty.

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Romantic French culture had completed a series of gastronomic events. On the last Saturday in December Dariya Doroshkevich cooked a pie with apples and duck liver, soup with celery and white wine, chicken breast with currant, as well as Olivier salad in the French manner. French atmosphere was also completed by mime artists and sculpture that looked as a mini replica of the Eiffel Tower.

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In the project main objectives of Prcom agency was the development of creative event concepts, preparation of posters, announcements for websites and for social networks, engaging media partner (edinstvennaya.ua), preparation of publications for the media partner’s sites (5 publications about the event on edinstvennaya.ua), coordination of all phases of the event.

12 hours of culinary magic, 14 special dishes, 385 satisfied visitors, hundreds of happy recalls from the participants. It is the best reward for the well done work, isn’t it?