Street fashion show

день студента


Prcom agency has organized youth fashion show called «Street fashion» at the Trade Center «Darynok» in November 2012. It was conducted in honor of the International Student`s Day. The highlight of the event became not only the performance of the popular DJ, but also the unusual format of the show. All students could become professional models during the days.

Participants were actively preparing, rehearsing and learning the basics of the fashion shows with professional director and come up with a modern image and looks during the week. 15 girls and 5 boys waged an intense struggle on the podium. Guests of the Trade Center determined the winner among 20 students on November 17. The main prize (youth outfit from FormaLab store) received a girl - Trikoz Victoria. 

Prcom agency ensured the development of the ideas, supported the event in social networks, provided quality PR coverage, general organization and conducted the event as a whole.