Meeting in PR-club

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On 19th of November (2015) PR-club held the working meeting on the topic "Scandal as a tool for personal PR". The event hostess and initiator were Elena Yakovenko (Managing Partner of Prcom agency and Dean at Public Relations Faculty in the Advertising school), Elena Kuryacha (Dean at Copywring Faculty in the Advertising school) and Elena Lutsk (Teacher in the School of Advertising Technologies)

Special guest of the PR-club became Michail Jasinski, General Producer of the Secret Service Company. Secret Service Company is engaged in information support of such stars as Olga Polyakova, Max Barskyi, Svetlana Loboda, Alina Grosu, the official fan club of Klitchko brothers, and many other popular representatives of the Ukrainian show business.

During the meeting coaches and students have discussed advantages and disadvantages of using scandal as a tool for personal PR, as well as the effective and unsuccessful examples from business sphere. Also Michail Jasinski shared his private experience in promoting Ukrainian celebrities, revealed a real examples and answered on a student’s questions.