«Earth Day» event at the galleries of the «Auchan» shopping center


  • Attracting the attention of the shopping center «Auchan» galleries visitors to the protection and preservation of the environment
  • Formation of the reputation of a socially responsible company
  • Generation of customer traffic and creation of a certain atmosphere in the galleries of the shopping center


  • Development of the idea of an Event
  • Organization of all kinds of the activities 


  • Free thematic workshops over the weekend (drawing, toys made of plastic and paper waste) at two galleries of the shopping center «Auchan» (Petrovka and Belichi)
  • Search for the participants and carrying out the fair – eco products and organic food
  • Organization of workshops on cooking of the homemade mayonnaise, organic toothpaste
  • Lecture on healthy life from a certified nutritionist


  • Forming a pool of loyal visitors, attracting new audiences